I am an optimisation researcher with an interest in combinatorial optimisation and decomposition techniques. To complement my studies, I used to work as a game developper.

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Selected publications

  1. Morita, H., & Mahéo, A. (2014). Classification Model Using Contrast Patterns and GRASP. Journal of Information Assurance and Security, 9(5), 235–243. http://www.mirlabs.net/jias/secured/Volume9-Issue5/vol9-issue5.html
  2. Mahéo, A., Kilby, P., & Van Hentenryck, P. (2017). Benders Decomposition for the Design of a Hub and Shuttle Public Transit System. Transportation Science. https://doi.org/10.1287/trsc.2017.0756


Creating a fan-in/fan-out pipeline in NNG

I want to implement a fan-in/fan-out pipeline pattern like in ØMQ. I was looking at NNG, its successor, but its pipeline example does not accept multiple clients. I went to their Discord and got an answer quickly: you need to listen on the push socket and dial from the clients. I decided to make a quick post and release the code.

Setting up a sync client for org notes

I use Get Things Done (GTD) to organise my notes. It is a very popular method amongst Emacs users as it works well with Org captures. However, I used to run into a simple issue: synchronisation between my work machines. By combining a few small utilities, I implemented a Linux-minded sync client for my notes.

Things to avoid in presentations

Scientific presentation is an important part of doing research, but it is hard to captivate an audience. Conferences are great venues to disseminate ideas and get yourself known, so you have to seize your listeners’ attention. I list here ideas and observations I made during the last conference I attended to try to shed some light on common issues. Hopefully, someone can benefit from it; at least it helps me reflect on my own practice.

The APTAS for Bin-Packing

The Bin Packing problem (BP) is a classic optimisation problem. It has a lot of similarities with the Knapsack problem as the goal is to pack items into containers. However, the BP’s objective is to minimise the number of bins to open given a set of items to allocate.

Implementing Lin-Kernighan in Python

In this post, I will talk about my journey to implement the infamous Lin-Kernighan heuristic to solve efficiently TSP problems. This work was done in the ambit of a larger project, thus the code will be in Python, available here.