I am an optimisation researcher with an interest in combinatorial optimisation and decomposition techniques. To complement my studies, I used to work as a game developper.

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Selected publications

  1. Mahéo, A., Zhao, S., Hassan, A., Harabor, D., Stuckey, P., & Wallace, M. (2021, July). Customised Shortest Paths Using a Distributed Reverse Oracle. The 14th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Search (SoCS 2021). [PDF]
  2. Mahéo, A., Belieres, S., Adulyasak, Y., & Cordeau, J.-F. (2020). Unified Branch-and-Benders-Cut for Two-Stage Stochastic Mixed-Integer Programs. Les Cahiers Du GERAD, G-2020-54. [PDF]
  3. Mahéo, A., Rossit, D., & Kilby, P. (2020, December). A Benders Decomposition Approach for an Integrated Bin Allocation and Vehicle Routing Problem in Municipal Waste Management. ICPR Americas 2020 [Best Paper Award]. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-76310-7_1 [PDF]
  4. Mahéo, A., Kilby, P., & Van Hentenryck, P. (2017). Benders Decomposition for the Design of a Hub and Shuttle Public Transit System. Transportation Science. https://doi.org/10.1287/trsc.2017.0756 [PDF]


Profiling Distance Functions for Geodesic Search

Computing distance on road network is not as straightforward as on a map. The Earth is actually an ellipsoid and so distance should be computed on a sphere rather than on a plane. Accounting for all the ways the Earth is neither a plane nor a sphere can be computationally expensive. I recently implemented a choice few geodesic distance function in warthog, a pathfinding library.

Practical LaTeX Typography

I write scientific articles using org-mode and exporting to LaTeX. I have never loved the standard look and feel of a LaTeX-produced PDF. I do love the quality of the typesetting it provides though. I will try to have good typography by simply loading a few packages.

Cartomapping in Python

When writing my thesis, I decided to redo some cartographic plots from an earlier paper. Between moving out, changing labs, and a dead computer, there was little hope; I did not have the old software or data at hand. I used (the late) Basemap in conjunction with matplotlib to create nice maps of Canberra. I now want to resurect this to work, but I will be using cartopy.

Ascii Boxplots

Today, I did a thing; it feels good as last week was slow, after submitting a paper and getting another rejected. I needed to make something, so I picked an old idea: boxplots in the terminal. I want to be able to visualise the distribution of some data, a five-number-summary is a bit terse in my opinion. So I implemented a quick prototype in Python, keeping in mind the Linux philosophy.

Creating a fan-in/fan-out pipeline in NNG

I want to implement a fan-in/fan-out pipeline pattern like in ØMQ. I was looking at NNG, its successor, but its pipeline example does not accept multiple clients. I went to their Discord and got an answer quickly: you need to listen on the push socket and dial from the clients. I decided to make a quick post and release the code.