I moved to Monash University as a research Fellow in August 2019. I now work on an on-demand public transportation problem in Melbourne. We aim to build a scalable routing engine, which takes congestion into account, and use it to provide multimodal trips using the train network.

I started my PhD in April 2015 at the Australian National University (ANU) in Combinatorial Optimisation under the supervision of Pascal Van Hentenryck. I also worked with CSIRO’s Data61. I have a Master’s degree in Operations Research and a double degree in Mathematics & Computer Science from the University of Nantes.

My work focuses on Mixed Integer Programs (MIP), mainly in the area of transportation and logistics. My current interest is on generalising the Benders decomposition technique when the sub-problem is a MIP.

I enjoy teaching and have been tutoring computer science courses at the ANU and Monash since I started my PhD.

I was a game developper and project leader for Battle-Arenas, a browser-based MMO with a management side and a real-time tactical side. At its peak the game averaged 1,500 players per day.


Teaching assistant/Head tutor

Write tutorial material, assignments, manage the tutoring team, etc.

FIT2102Programmation Paradigms2017–2019


Deliver course content.

FIT1008Introduction to Computer Science2019
FIT5211Algorithms and Data Structures2017
COMP1100Introduction to Programming and Algorithms2015–2016
VCUG1001The Art of Computing2015

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